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postheadericon Corinne in “Simply Seductive” by X-Art

Corinne in "Simply Seductive" by X-Art

Corinne is a beautiful 18 year old fashion model from Oslo, Norway. She has been featured in numerous European fashion and photography magazines but “Simply Seductive” by X-Art marks her first nude photos ever! I don’t know what kind of magic Brigham Field uses to get so many first time nude models but X-Art members benefit from it. I can see why Corinne has appeared in so many magazines – she is simply stunning! Of course her body is amazing but her true beauty is between her legs. Corinne really¬†has a seductive pussy and isn’t afraid to show it off to the world. It’s hands down one of the prettiest vagina’s I have ever seen. Now that’s my kind of girl!

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