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postheadericon Marie in “The Art of Anal Sex” by X-Art

Beautiful brunette babe Marie in "The Art of Anal Sex" by X-Art

21-year-old Spanish babe Marie makes her X-Art debut with ”The Art of Anal Sex”. The name pretty much says everything you need to know about this set. Anal sex is an art form and with some words of wisdom by Marie she is confident that anyone can enjoy the experience.

The key to anal sex is to make sure your girlfriend/wife/lover is TOTALLY turned on, relaxed and ready – before you get started. Once her pussy is dripping wet and she’s teetering on the brink of orgasm, you’ll both find it more enjoyable.

- Marie

I believe this also marks the first time Brigham has documented a boy/girl anal scene on X-Art. It’s truly amazing how he continues to push the boundaries of art and porn without ever crossing over into the realm of “vulgar”. If you were ever on the fence about joining X-Art because it wasn’t “hardcore” enough for your taste I think it’s time to take another look!

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