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postheadericon Lily in “Summertime Lunch” by X-Art

Lily in "Summertime Lunch" by X-Art

Lily and Bret planned to have a little lunch date today. Lily however has another appetizer in mind beforehand. This blondie has a rockin body and a one-of-a-kind smile. She charms her man into countertop sex (who would object?!) and blows his mind, like I’m sure she will blow yours. Summertime is the perfect time for flirtation and flings…AND kitchen rendezvous! Get a taste of Lily as we welcome her to the wonderful world of X-Art! It’s lunchtime.

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    postheadericon Caprice in “A Girl Like You” by X-Art

    Caprice in "A Girl Like You" by X-Art

    I think everyone wants a girl like Caprice. She is beautiful, smart, sweet and really fun. She also has some of the hottest orgasms you will ever see captured on camera and the video from this photo set is no exception. Watch her strip out of her fancy lingerie and make herself cum like crazy. This is really hot. Even as much of this as we see, everyone at X-Art was turned on during the post production of this one.

    Caprice, we love a girl like you!

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      postheadericon Caprice in “One & Only Caprice” by X-Art

      Caprice in "One & Only Caprice" by X-Art

      Experience the One & Only Caprice up close and personal in this intimate video. Caprice is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet and it is a awesome to watch her have a very real, hot orgasm here. She is an extremely sexual being who likes women as much as she likes men. I wonder what she is thinking as she brings herself to climax. Look in her eyes and decide for yourself.

      P.S. We also have an AWESOME boy/girl video with Leila coming soon, so stay tuned for that this week!

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        postheadericon Leila in “Morning Fantasy” by X-Art

        Leila in "Morning Fantasy" by X-Art

        You’re invited to experience a morning fantasy with Leila. Join her in bed as she wakes up in her little cotton t-shirt and panties. Watch her beautiful face transform with pleasure as she pushes one, then two, then three and finally four fingers inside her tight pussy. We hope you enjoy watching this natural video of Leila as much as she enjoyed making it!

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          postheadericon Caprice and Anneli in “Girl Time” by X-Art

          Caprice and Anneli in "Girl Time" by X-Art

          Come inside the room that Anneli and Caprice share and see them up close and personal. Watch them touch each other and show you their stunning bodies. I wanted to release these great photos of Anneli and Caprice before you see the new boy/girl videos next week. Even though they both had their own rooms on our trip, we caught them sharing a bed together a few times. Both of these girls are unbelievably PERFECT! Sweet, smart, funny and SO beautiful, maybe this is why they are drawn to each other! Another different style photo-set for you before we release an awesome new threesome scene with Anneli next week!

          Click here to see more free pics of Caprice and Anneli in “Girl Time” by X-Art

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            postheadericon Caprice in “Fun in the Sun” by X-Art

            Caprice in "Fun in the Sun" by X-Art

            Experience the real Caprice as she relaxes and has some fun at the beach!

            This is a different style photo set from a guest fashion photographer who joined us on our recent Caribbean trip. Catch a glimpse of Caprice running and jumping on the grass. See her in her black bikini and watch her strip out of it. Watch her play with snorkeling gear, get wet in the waves, go swimming and pour water all over her perfect body. Pay attention to all of her adorbale expressions as she has fun showing you every inch of her body up-close and personal!

            A fun and cool portrait of the natural and glorious Caprice. Hope you like it!

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              postheadericon Caprice in “Tropical Vibe” by X-Art

              Caprice in "Tropical Vibe" by X-Art

              Watch beautiful Caprice have an awesome orgasm with her favorite pink vibrator in a gorgeous tropical setting. The perfect cure for the winter blues is Caprice on an island getting warmed up with her favorite vibe! Well, actually ‘perfection’ would be Caprice dripping wet and naked, legs spread, ready and waiting for you. Come and watch her up close and personal while the waves crash in the background. We are in the Caribbean right now with Caprice and a bunch of other X-Art beauties (as I type this) shooting lots of awesome new content that will be coming soon.

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                postheadericon Abby in “The Rich Girl Video Part 2″ by X-Art

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                In this new HD video from X-Art, 18 year-old Abby explores her HOTTEST secret sexual fantasy – having sex with a tall, dark handsome stranger!

                When her parents were away for the weekend, Abby invited Pablo to come by and help her with her homework. She was waiting in her blue jeans and white cotton blouse when he arrived. Her shirt was unbuttoned just enough to arouse his curiosity. Abby enticed Pablo to come closer, unbuttoning her shirt. His hands reached inside, fondling her perfectly soft skin and ample breasts.

                Pablo knew he would get fired if he was caught with his employer’s daughter, but how could he say no? Abby stepped out of her jeans, and encouraged Pablo to pull her black panties all the way down. He started gently rubbing her pussy, and she moaned in pleasure.

                Finally, she gave way, opening her legs and letting him bury his tongue in her pussy. She returned the favor, pushing him down onto his knees and taking his cock in her mouth… teasing the tip with her tongue before swallowing him all the way down her throat. What a show-off! Abby got down on all fours, her pussy wet and ready as Pablo pushed his cock as far in as it would go, filling her all the way up! Abby has never been fucked like this before. INCREDIBLE!

                X-Art members be sure to download and save this HD video to your permanent collection of high quality erotica!

                Click here to download the full HD video at X-Art

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